Of course, in fashion, the name is everything, and The Fashion Icon will have her own preferences: , you could also read audemars piguet,hublot,rolex daytona,longines,breguet,franck muller,rolex masterpiece,tissot,breitling,richard mille. (the absolute perennial favourite), Graff, Harry Winston or another great label making serious timepieces. a family of watches with heavily faceted bracelets and bezels, available with or without diamonds, in two sizes (33mm and 38mm), and with automatic or quartz movements, offers something else dear to Fashion Icons: It's so new that it's ,What distinguishes The Traveller's timekeeping needs from those whose forays abroad are less frequent? For one afflicted with wanderlust, nothing less than a 'world-timer' will suffice, for it allows The Traveller to know the time, at a glance, in any time zone on the planet. And while nearly every watch manufacturer produces a wristwatch able to show the time in two or more zones, Vogard makes nothing but world-timers.